I have been so impressed with my Essentials Restore lotion. Suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Neuropathy in my feet has made me miserable, especially at night. I am so appreciative of this product. I have significant relief within 15 minutes of applying and am able to get to sleep and stay asleep pain free.

Rustii T.

I am an ex ballet dancer and suffer from recurring tendinitis in both knees. I tried the Essentials Restore Pro Lotion and within 30 min felt significant relief that lasted through the day and into my next workout. I highly recommend these products to anyone seeking muscle or joint discomfort, tension, or pain!

Madison M.

I've been a hairdresser for 32 years. Approximately, three years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I have undergone rigorous treatment along with monthly shots to reduce the pain and swelling in my joints. Months ago, I decided to try Essentials Restore Pro Lotion. The results were life-changing for me. This product reduced the pain and swelling for up to 12 hours in my hands and shoulders. I can't say enough about this product. I highly recommend it to anyone that has my condition.

Chris F.

I have to say Essentials Relief Pro Lotion is the best product that I have found that has helped my 91 year old mom in law with her arthritis pain in her arms and her hips. My dad is now using it on his feet to help relieve pain caused from bone spurs until he can have them removed. I am a firm believer in this product! I'm a customer for life.

Sue R.

I'm 20 years old and I have eczema In my ears. The Essentials Relief Cream alleviates the pain and itching within minutes. This product works great for me!

Brookster F.

I'm a 32 year military veteran that suffers from chronic back, shoulder and hand pain. I've used steroid cream religiously and always battled extreme side effects. I was introduced to Essentials Restore Pro Lotion and could not believe the results so quickly. I've since reduced my medications in light of this product. Thanks Doug for the introduction.

Bob W.

Having the Essentials Relief Therapy Stick has given me a tool that makes it easy to carry and use on a moments notice. When I get shoulder pain or my hands start to ache, it's simple just to pull the stick out of my purse and apply. That immediate relief is worth every penny.

Gracie O.

I am absolutely amazed by how effective Tree Lotions International products are. I have a pretty progressive case of rheumatoid arthritis and I am typically in a lot pain daily with my hands and knees. I have even had to cut down my work from full time to part time due to the amount of pain and my inability to use my hands more then 5 hours at a time. This week, I have used the Essentials Relief Pro Lotion in conjunction with the Essentials Relief Therapy Stick and literally had hours of relief. Deeply penetrating relief that literally lasted hours. I am shocked and amazed and I truly looking forward to seeing just how much more of my life I can get back with this kind of relief. Thank you Tree Lotions International, you are giving me back the gift of the use of my hands and allowing me to do the things I love doing. I may be able to go back to playing the piano and making jewelry again. Thank you!! I am profoundly grateful.

Stephanie S.

I have used most of these products as I have had arthritis flare up in the last year. I also have a rotator cuff injury. These products almost instantly relieve pain and inflammation! I would say miraculously within minutes my joints don't hurt and I feel

Karen S.

I've had RA for approximately 3 years and experimented with a friends lotion that was using it for arthritis. To my immediate surprise my pain in my hands went away. I've since went away from any pain killers throughout the day to just using the Relief

Chris F.