I've been using the Relief Cream for the soreness in my hands and I cannot believe the reduction of pain that I feel almost immediately. Not only do my hands not ache but the smooth texture of the cream leaves my hand extremely soft. I'll be sure this product is always in my house.


I suffer from RA. I was using another brand of cream to ease my joint pain until I came across Essentials. After trying the Relief Pro Lotion I was amazed at the relief and longevity that resulted with this lotion. Additionally, the cost was much lower with a higher dosage of CBD. Great product!


I'm 83 and suffer from chronic joint pain in my knees and elbows. After trying the Restore Pro I was very delighted in the results that I got. I very much liked the minty smell as well. This is definitely a product that will always be on my shelf.


I have used other products and this Restore Lotion seems to work faster and relieve my aches and pains from Arthritis longer than other brands.


I tried everything for my skin disorder eczema. I've been on steroids and nothing works. I tried Essentials Relief and could not belief how quick it to my itching away. My redness is gone. Additionally, I use the Nighttime Gummies that TLI carry. Can't say enough. Try them.


I have systemic degenerative osteoarthritis in my back, hip, shoulder, hands and knees. I felt immediate relief from the pain in my neck, and within 20 minutes, my back pain had decreased. The ReliefPro saves my sleep! I can apply before bed, or if I have a spasm at night and I'm able to go back to sleep. I never knew CBD worked this well. :) Thanks for the great products!!"


I apply the Essentials Restore Pro 700 mg after I lift and play golf and love it. I use the lotion on my shoulders and back to help with soreness and inflammation. I highly recommend this product and line. I use it almost everyday!!!


I am absolutely amazed by how effective Tree Lotions International products are. I have a pretty progressive case of rheumatoid arthritis and I am typically in a lot pain daily with my hands and knees. I have even had to cut down my work from full time to part time due to the amount of pain and my inability to use my hands more then 5 hours at a time. This week, I have used the Essentials Restore Pro Lotion 700 mg in conjunction with the Essentials Restore CBD stick and literally had hours of relief. Deeply penetrating relief that literally lasted hours. I am shocked and amazed and I truly looking forward to seeing just how much more of my life I can get back with this kind of relief. Thank you Tree Lotions International, you are giving me back the gift of the use of my hands and allowing me to do the things I love doing. I may be able to go back to playing the piano and making jewelry again. Thank you!!
-Profoundly Grateful-


I have owned a landscape company for 25 years and have worn out my hands, back and shoulders. Since I was introduced to the Essentials line I never go anywhere without my Essentials Relief stick. I use the Relief Pro in the morning and finish my evening with the bath salts. Thank you so much for these recipes. It's made my life so much better.


I came down with Shingles on my face about 6 days ago. I ended up using a antibiotic and also put Essentials Relief Pro the shingles. I could not believe how it minimized the pain and aided in moisturizing a healing my face. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful product.


I LOVE these products and feel they really work. However, my 18 year old son has been a bit of a skeptic. He suffers from foot pain when he walks or is on his feet for long periods. The other evening his feet were hurting pretty bad. So I offered him to soak his feet in a footbath with the CBD bath salts. We got him set up and he soaked for about 30 minutes. Then I asked if he was done, he said "No not yet it feels good" after sitting for almost an hour he was done. After which he got up to walk across the room and said "Wow! that really did help!" If you haven't tried the bath salts try them you will LOVE it!. Thank you


One of my favorite recipes passed down from my Grandmother and Mom to me was homemade egg noodles. Great with beef roast, pork roast, chicken or turkey. All ingredients required chopping including noodles, meat, celery and onions. This last year my thumbs hurt too bad to cut the thin golden noodles .
My friend turned me on to ESSENTIALS On-The-Go. CBD Stick. To my surprise the pain was gone after rubbing top and base of thumbs. Chop, Chop, Many more noodles to come.Thanks for making such an excellent product.


Their products have changed my life! ESSENTIALS Hemp-based CBD are effective and legal and they truly ease my chronic pain.